Tiny light spots on chili plants / holes in one

j03m4m4February 17, 2012

I've done a lot of searching around but I'm not sure what the issue is.

Quick background: Just recently started growing anaheim, cayenne, and habanero plants from seeds. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

I have about a dozen plants looking pretty decent, around 8 inches high, but some of them (a growing number) are starting to have these tiny white spots on some of the leaves. I have been unable to see any pests on them. Here is what the leaves look like:

Are these from spider mites? If so, is there any easy way to get rid of them?

I'm also having an issue with only one plant. Some bugs appear to be eating it. Here's what it looks like:

Any idea what they might be? Once again, I haven't seen any bugs on them when I've checked. I bring all the plants in on most nights since the lows still drop into the 40s.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

ruling out chemical burn..

i have seen such caused by water droplets in sun.. burning the tissue ... and the damage no showing for days or weeks ... and can be complicated if there is any diluted fert in the spray bottle ...

notice on the first pic.. how the part of the leaf.. under the one above.. does not have the damage.. that leads me to sunshine ... or overspray ...

regardless.. the newer higher leaves look great.. and i warn you not to try to fix damage that was done weeks ago.. on older leaves.. and somehow damage the newer leaves ...

when working in the house [a presumption based on the pix] .. as compared to a perfectly balanced greenhouse.. superficial damage to leaves doesnt look pretty.. but come harvest time.. those leaves will mean nothing ...

snip the off if they are bugging you too much..

finally.. if you cant find the bug.. they are not the issue.. since they will not go away gratuitously .... once they find something to feed on.. they make a home ...


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Thanks for the response. I have been putting the plants outside every day in the morning and bringing them in at night (these pics were taken outside). They're underneath a patio covering so they get a couple hours of direct sunlight and then are in the shade.

That said, about a month ago I did put them further out from underneath the cover and they got much more sun, and some of the leaves on some smaller ones started turning whitish so I pulled them back. They all seem to have recovered though and are still growing fine. I don't think it's related to this because in that case it was all the leaves looking bad whereas these are a little more random.

I'm not really concerned about the looks and I've noticed all of the plants are definitely still growing well and sprouting new leaves all over. I just wanted to make sure that if it was something I could prevent that I do something about it.

I've had them in Miracle Gro potting mix and have only been using water up until recently, where I started to introduce some tomato/veggie food. This was after I was already seeing this issue, though.

For now I will just leave them be (unless anyone else chies in otherwise), thanks.

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Looks a little like what's happening to my tomato plants.

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Well it's been almost 2 weeks since I originally posted this and the issue has not gotten any worse, so I'm not really worried about it anymore. The weather has started to warm up lately and I've seen substantial growth in most of my plants, particularly in leaf size. Some are starting to flower as well. The largest one is about 10" tall now.

So... this may have just been some kind of temporary damage (maybe from the sun) as Ken suggested.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

yep.. you jumped the shark on the hardening off to sun ...

IMHO ... even full shade outdoors.. is a lot stronger than the best lights indoors.. or thru a window ...

next year ... full dark shade outdoors for a few days ..

i used to start in the garage.. half way back.. with the door open. and move them a foot or two closer every day .... [of course depending if your garage opens to the sun]...

and then give them a few hours of early or late sun.. etc ... keeping them out of say.. 11am to 5 pm ...

really ease them into sunshine ... it should take 2 or 3 weeks.. to be real careful about it all ... what did you do.. all in a couple days???? lol. been there.. done that ...


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Yes, I've realized it needs to be done nice and slow. :) I had moved them about a foot and a half out farther than they were before and they ended up getting several more hours of sun. I can tell when it's too much, they start looking all droopy. Once I put them back in the shade, they prop back up. Unfortunately I didn't notice it before because I was gone at work all day, so by the time I saw them at night they looked okay.

I'm wondering what's going to happen in the summer when it's 120 degrees out. Last time I tried growing them (before I had done any research), they all died, and they were in the shade for the most part. :)

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Interestingly, the tallest one now (1 foot) is the one that was getting chewed up by bugs before. Guess they picked a good one!

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