the legend of the blue lagoon peony

triple_b(BC 5b)October 7, 2005

I keep hearing of the blue lagoon peony and how people buy them only to find they have something completely different. This is starting to sound like the thing legends are made of!LOL So tell me about this phantom flower. is there really such a thing and who carries it and where can I be sure of actually GETTING one?

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For the last two years Walmart has sold for $5.00, two roots in a package, a plant labeled as a blue peony. No one has yet found a way to develop the blue genetic in peonies. The closest anyone will find on the market is lavenders ranging from pinkish blue to blueish pink. Start watching the Walmart garden centers in what I call boxed plants. There may be another blue plant reaching the stores but I am betting that they will market an orange one instead.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I wonder if WalMart is being played the fool? Most people would not bother to bring back such an inexpensive plant, instead they would snort derisively at Walmart for selling such a thing. Maybe they (WM)are not aware that they are being the "fall guy" for this misrepresentation. rather, the thumbs down should go to the supplier/packager for pulling a fast one. I do not believe walmart would purposely market this if they knew. I just figure everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt. Sort of like not blaming the waitress when the food is ill-prepared. PS is there an orange peony, or are we on the verge of Legend 2?

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Nancy zone 6

I bought each, and no, none were blue. Actually, each plant seemed to be a different color. Lavender Lady I bought last year ago with 3 plants, 2 plants bloomed. One was more white with pink splashes, the other bright pink with darker splashes. Bought Blue Lagoon this year with 2 plants in it. Very similar structure to Lavender Lady, but perhaps a slightly smaller flower. All were single flowering types. I am perfectly happy with them, but what could one call them when each plant has something a bit different, either in foliage or bloom. I took pictures, wish I could find them. Regardless of what they are, I would have bought them for the price. I have purchased few peonies that bloomed a couple months from planting.

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Yesterday I mentioned orange as the new color. I looked at ebay last night and by golly someone was selling an orangish peony as the hot new thing.

For anyone interested Bill Seidl sp?? and Cris Lanning have developed orange or near orange peonies but they have to be imported from Australia and New Zeeland for now. Both men worked on breeding different strains but have elected to send some of their work to the southern hemisphere. My theory is that by sending their plants there pollen would be available to make crosses as the time they not Mother Nature wanted to.

Alas Chris Lanning passed to the Great Garden in July so we will never know what other crosses were posible from him.

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