What is wrong with this peony? (Pic link attached)

annabananagardener(7)October 13, 2008

Here's the history: I bought her as a small shrub, and did not plant her right away. It was a hot spell, so she wilted. When I finally planted her in the sunniest location in the yard (~6 hours of midday sun a day), her leaves began to turn brown. She has shown little revival or stamina through the summer. I pray she comes back full force next spring.

Is this a possibility?

What did I do wrong?

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It should come back just fine next spring. Most of my tree peonies' leaves look a little ratty this time of year. Six hours of mid day sun may be a little hard on a young tree peony in zone 7. My young tree peonies appear to do better with more shade but that may well vary with the species and cultivar.

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Thank you for responding! That puts me at ease and makes me feel much less irresponsible. I did read they need a full day of sun, but I think that was a bit of an exaggeration. I'm going to take your advice and move her into a more shaded location. Thanks again, Anna.

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Annabanana, I can see that you need some help/information. There are two basic types of peonies, tree and herbaceous. A third intersectionals are a cross between the types. What you have is a tree peony. Tree peonies are actually a shrubby plant though with time they can be trained to a tree shape.
Tree peonies can be grown in full sun but like partial shade.

Herbaceous do best in full sun.

Any dark red peony will fade it's color quicker in bright sunlight.

Personal question. Are the Annabanana that has a father in Iowa?

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