Correct Dividing?

elenskaOctober 19, 2012


I moved to a new place and there is this huge peonie in the garden, I decided to dig it out and divide. Now it is out and I am afraid to touch it. It is about 1 foot in diameter (I don't mean the roots, only the actual crown), it does not seem that large after all. I read somewhere online that I should have at least 5 eyes in one division. Is this right? I don't want to divide it too much, I would want my peony to bloom next year... But it was too big last spring and too messy, I didn't like it. Also there is not too much sun in the garden...

Any hints would be appreciated!

Oh one more thing, what about the actual roots, these wont't produce a new plant? is it just the pinky nods that need to be there? There is not too many of those but I have quite a few roots ( like 1-3 inches thick) that came off while digging it out.

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The buds that you see are growing from the crown, that area between the roots and the foliage. For a successful division you should have 3 to 5 buds attached to as much of the root as did not break off during the dig. A peony with a crown area of about one foot is average for a peony, many are up to 3 feet. I do not understand your saying it was too big and messy. I looked up your member page to learn you garden in Canada. Your location is often important to getting good advice. Al

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I think 1 bud per division would work fine however you sometimes want more just in case one of them rots away. I've seen root fragments generate new buds too.

Itoh peony root fragments tend to produce buds very easily like a potato, but with herbaceous types, it is safer to have at least a couple buds, and enough tuber mass to support new growth.

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