Fertilzing my new palms?

us_marineApril 30, 2013

The weather over here in the west as been very warm. Much above average, reaching into the 90fs! Feels nice since last two years it took a long time to warm up.

I've recently planted a King palm in the ground. Its been in the ground over ten days now and the spear shows signs of growth. Almost a quater inch or so a day now, maybe less. I'm wondering when should I start to fertilize? I'd like to take advantage of this warmth if possible since this palm is marginal. But If it will burn the fronds then I'll wait.

I also have a small coconut palm in a tiny container. It needs to be repotted but since its still rather new I dont want to overwhelm it with too much: new growing conditions and fertilizer on top of it since it needs it as well. I've noticed on the newest frond it is starting to get small yellow/orange spots, or necrotic spotting and is a lighter green color than the other fronds. In other words it has a potassium deficiency. I have a palm fertilizer that should fix that. Should I apply?
And repotting in better soil wont happen until its used to its new growing conditions. So far no sun burn but I have been keeping it in the shade and filtered light a lot. Although it does get full sun at times for over an hour. For the most part it appears healthy and has dark fronds for being a Golden Malayan. I'd love to keep them that dark and healthy as that means the plant is very happy and strong.


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If your plant is growing, it could certainly use fertilizer... I am very leery of any non-liquid fertilizer for container palms, though... best and certainly safest to use a liquid formula (Miracle Gro works great actually)- some growers use a bit of it every singe time they water their container palms (daily in a greenhouse) and the growth they get is phenomenal. Most have a system where it is injected into the water line so they don't have to measure/guess or make it up daily. You probably don't have as many plants so could use a regular hose with the liquid fertilizer attachment.. I have yet to hurt a palm with liquid fertilizer, but killed dozens with solid forms, even the slow release 12 month type has killed palms when I was a bit too lax in how much I mixed in.

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Today I added some to the king palm. And decided since i have two full containers of palm fertilzer 3 month release type I might has well use them so I added about less than half of a table spoon of that stuff for the coco.

Have you really killed container palms with it? How did they die?

I've used that quite often for my coco's. But I never really gave them near as much as they say. I always feed less for two reasons. I think that the smaller dosage you give the less likely you will burn your plants. And the second is I think they will do better if you add a little bit now and then the rest a while later. So its not like feeding one big meal at one time but more like smaller meals over time. But I dont know if it has any actual benefit though.

- US_Marine

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over dosing fertilizer shows up as a plant with severe brown tipping, complete ceasation of growth, followed by root necrosis. Only a complete washing of the roots and repotting in soil with no fertilizer can save an overfertilized plant (worse if in the ground since these plants usually are harder to save). ONe year a very large collection of palms in southern California was badly damaged by over-aggressive fertilization with 12 month slow release fertilizer, to most of our amazement.

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