Chinese Tree Peonies from Sexy Bloomers

KarenPA_6bOctober 16, 2013

Is there anyone out there who had bought Chinese peonies from Sexy Bloomers? I just wonder if you had a good or bad experience and whether your trees were the correct cultivars that you ordered.

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I've gotten on the phone with her and she's a very hard seller. I would suggest going with somebody else.

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Yes, I also ordered one of Sexy Bloomers tree peonies this year. I was disappointed with the size of the plant. It was listed as being at least 3 to 5 years old and with 1 to 3 top stems. And it was none of those! The grafted stem might have been 5 inches long. Also considering it was supposed to be recently harvested in China the 1 or 2 eye stems that I found looked very stale. I took a chance on this so will have to keep my fingers crossed that it's a hardy soul. Would not order from them again. Janice

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I have the same problem with this seller. They completely misrepresented their plants. Their description and picture of the plants are much bigger than what they actually sent. I read reviews of Sexy Bloomers on Dave's Garden Watchdog and many buyers had been screwed by them. I would considered myself one of their victim as well as I too had purchased two plants with about 4 - 8 inches of grafted stems with no root growth from the grafted stems. These plants are probably one year old grafted plants, not the 3-5 years old plants that they claimed these to be. Moreover, it would be definitely tragic for me if these plants do not turn out to be what I ordered 4or 5 years from now. If they lie about the size of the plants, I do not have much confidence in their plants being the correct cultivars of the plants that I had ordered. :(

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One thing to make sure is to request a picture of a sample of the plant you are getting. I would not trust someone if they use hard selling tactics, and have horrible reviews from some forums.

Sometimes eBay may be even more dependable, but one good deal I've gotten is simply from the local gardening center who got me 2 X 5 gallon monrovia itoh peonies, misaka and takara at $60 a piece.

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