Miserable mango

greenthumbon1handFebruary 24, 2014

I have a cogshall mango in a clay pot, and it's not doing so hot. It has black spots all over it (anthracnose?), so I sprayed it with neem a couple of days ago right before sunset. Now, the leaves are turning yellow, mostly at the bottom (due to the neem, anthracnose, watering, nutrient deficiency?), and there is no new growth. I water it about once a week (I'm thinking that maybe I need to water it more?). Please help me not send this lil' guy to the compost heap!

A potential (but remorsefull) mango killer

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more misery

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Where do you live?

What are the cultural conditions? Temperatures, water, fertilizer, sun exposure, etc?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

was it indoors and you just took it out???

that looks like a shipping stake.. not a stake that is requisite to a large plant ...

even if evergreen.. it will not hold old leaves forever.. is it just old leaves.. it may simply be part of the annual shedding of such .. pic of the whole ..

its very early spring... if not late winter.. should we expect year around growth ...

you have already treated it once.. and barely have given it 48 hours.. you fert it heavily for a potted plant ... be very careful.. to not love this thing to death ..

frankly ... it looks like a late winter plant.. in some level of dormancy.. getting ready for spring ... i would not do anything for a month or two.. other than proper watering ...

i have never had much luck with clay pots ... good luck with that ... they can wick water out of the media ... i think of them more as a greenhouse pot.. rather than a yard pot ....

what is the media.. and hold old is it ??? .. any indication of salt build up ...

its hard to tell.. but it looks like a largish plant in a smallish pot on the last pic ... do not leave it in full sun .... it may dry too fast as the heat rises ... pic of the whole????


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Thanks for the replies! I got the mango about 2 weeks ago, and it's been sitting outside in full sun (Ft. Lauderdale), and the pot I transferred it from was smaller (and it wasn't rootbound). When I looked at it today, I noticed that more leaves have turned yellow (the bottom leaves in the photo have since turned yellow). I haven't fertilized it, but I think it may be due to the fact that I'm underwatering it (I only water about twice a week). I gave it a good soaking tonight, so hopefully that helps.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


you moved it from one location to another .... transplanted it... and threw root disturbed plant into full sunshine???

of course it is sacrificing leaves for survival ...

dont you think that stake is basically useless.. and has the potential to strangle the trunk.. remove it by fall ...

it should stay in full bright shade for a few weeks ...

and you just watch the leaves fall off .. and study the plants reaction to the various insults ... watered proper.. it should be fine.. its all expected.. on some level..

never fertilize a stressed plant.. it needs to get it roots settled and pumping again... it is not hungry ..

good luck.. try not to over react ..


ps: is that a clay or plastic pot?? .. i never had much luck with clay .... and dont forget.. a smallish pot.. in hot sun.. can cook the roots ... the pot gets hot .. and a tree in a pot.. by definition.. sooner or later.. will be small ... so when it goes into the sun... hide the pot behind something to shade just the pot ....

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