Question about Planting Time for Peony Roots

AprilAlliums(6b Coastal MA)October 15, 2012

Hello all,

I have a question/problem concerning the planting time of about 20 peony roots I've ordered from van engelen, white flower farm, and gilbert wild. The problem I have is that at the moment I'm not home in october to plant these roots as I would like, so I've requested delivery in early to mid november, but now I'm worried that I'll be planting them too late in the season.

If anyone could share their experiences planting later in the season and how that effected growth, or just comment in general I would really appreciate it.

Thanks so much!


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AprilAlliums(6b Coastal MA)

Here are the varieties of peonies I purchased just for reference:

Peony Gardenia

Peony Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt

Peony Moonstone

Peony Sarah Berhardt

Peony Coral Sunset

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I am on the left coast and can only comment. The only problem I can see is a problem digging the holes in soil that may be frozen, here we have only seen pictures. I would prepare the planting area now, and cover it with mulch or leaves to keep it ready to plant when your roots arrive. After planting I would put the cover back till spring. Al

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AprilAlliums(6b Coastal MA)

Thanks so much for your advice!


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