roots/eyes showing above ground slightly

david883(5/6)October 13, 2012

I have several peonies in the yard. I just moved in a little under a year ago. I have probably 8 of them (only about half are flowering... the others are still very small or need to be relocated to receive better light). Anyway, I was out in the yard today, waging a war on the weeds I've neglected for a while, taking over the area where the peonies are, and I noticed on a few of them the roots were pooping up above ground - and not the ends, more towards the base of the plant. Also noticed a few eyes coming out. On one, it seemed as though the root was splitting open!!! I am very new to gardening (my first house and first summer in it) so I am very new to what all of this means. If anyone has any insight please let me know. If I need to dig them up I would like to do so ASAP.

Thanks in advance,


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David in my climate that would be fine, all of mine look like that. In your climate I think it may be a little high. I would think you could just add an inch or so of soil on top of the roots for a little winter protection. Someone in your zone will probably respond. Al

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