What are you looking forward to most for next spring?

lizbest1(5)October 6, 2013

Now that the majority of fall shipments are in and most of your roots are planted, what are you most excited about for next spring?
I'm excited about several things! First off, I started getting more big double blooming plants again. I had avoided them in the past since I'm a lazy gardener and don't like to fool with peony rings. There were several neat ideas on this forum for non-traditional methods of staking that I want to try next spring.
Finally gave in and got several yellow peonies this year. I didn't think that I'd like them but really, really liked my Strawberry Blonde when it faded to yellow last spring.
Also excited to see if the gianormous roots from Fina and Chateau CharMarron turn into enormous plants their first spring! I'll be disappointed if they don't!
We might just break this forum with peony pictures next spring! Looking forward more than anything to seeing all of the pictures posted showing beautiful blooms!

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Hi! I guess I really look forward to the peonies that did not bloom last year to bloom this year. Mrs. FDR, Coral Charm, Moonstone, Eden Perfume, and Amalia Olson did not bloom for me last year. These blooms will be a treat to see.

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Ooh Amalia Olson. I'd love to see that in a pic.

I'm going to be funny about replying to your question, Liz, and say what I look forward to most is seeing the new peony shoots in the spring. That's when I get the gardening bug, and the whole thing starts to become exciting for me.

As far as flowers, I hope to see Otomenomai bloom. There's only one pic of it on the net that I've found and I'd like to know if mine turns out just like it.

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I had to look up Amalia Olson and Otomenomai, both very pretty! I see you do have some fragrant ones, are those the start of your fragrant garden, Kousa? If so it'll be a beautiful one as well as smelling pretty, a lovely tribute to your mother.

Pwin, the pic of Otomenomai on the Peony Database looked a little like the Itoh Cora Louise to me, am I way off? I ordered that one for spring from Vermont Wildflower Farm. Yours is a tree though, right?

I know what you mean about watching for those 1st shoots! I go out as soon as the snow goes away in late March early April and start moving mulch, looking for the 1st sign of life! Normally I'm looking much too early but it's an obsession.....

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I always forget about the plants until I see them start to grow again lol. And thank goodness! I need a break from obsessing over plants when they are there.
A tree, yes. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Otomenomai pic

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Nancy zone 6

I got several new peonies this year, I think I would have to say I'm just looking forward to seeing their new shoots next spring too. I'm sure they will overwinter just fine, but I always stress just a little with the new ones. I don't think I've ever lost a peonie, but still always worry about new babies :)

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That is a beauty, pwin, It looks just like the peonies in Japanese paintings. I bought a couple Japanese peonies trees this year. Although I do not expect to see any blooms on them next year, I will be very thrilled if I get some blooms next year,

Ngraham, I know just how you feel as I went through that last year. I was so worried that the new ones would not make it due to bad weather or animal damage or disease. But they came through just fine last year and gave me a few blooms. It was a test of patience!

Good luck with your peonies, everyone. Karen

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LOL! I do the exact same thing! I like to gently sweep the top and try to see if there are any eyes peeling through in the early spring (very early spring). I get so excited with any sign of growth.

What I look forward to the most is to see my Itoh peonies come alive again. I bought a lot from Select Lilacs Plus and I am kind of nervous to see if they would survive. They were so tiny and fragile when they arrived. Two of them were reduced to one stem each by the end of the season :(

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Pwin, that is a beautiful tree peony! Nette, if you still had any growth on your Itohs from Select Plus I'm sure they'll make it through, even if it was just 1 stem. I got my first 6 from them, had no clue what I was doing at that time, and managed to get half of them through alive! Mine were so tiny they just bloomed for the 1st time last spring. The Singing in the Rain was the largest, had an aborted bloom the year before, but had at least 12 blooms this spring. I actually divided it last month to share and move.

So since it's more exciting (in a way!!) than actually having blooms open, should we make a pact that the first one to see peony shoots next spring starts a new string? That way those of you in slightly warmer zones can encourage those of us in the colder areas!!! 1st shoots, then 1st bud, then 1st bloom.....keep the peony talk going! (I'm only slightly obsessed;)

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