Bartzella source in Vancouver BC

oshenar(rainy West Coast z8)October 3, 2006

For peony growers in Vancouver, BC area:

For those who know what Bartzella is (yellow Itoh peony), the local GardenWorks (Lougheed branch)in my area is having a plant sale. I got three for 30 bucks each. They have other Itoh hybrids there too. Bartzella as some of you know is sold for about 300 dollars before. (I got my first plant for 250 dollars / tiny three eye division. ouch!). Anyway there is a local wholesaler doing the propagating here so things will indeed get cheaper and Itohs will be more widely available hopefully. :)

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Hi Oshenar,

Were there many left for sale? If so, I'll probably pop out for a look. What size are they?


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oshenar(rainy West Coast z8)

They are in 3-4 inch square blue pots. Not too big, but I paid 250 for the same size mail ordered two years ago from Fraser Thimble. So for 30 bucks it's not bad a deal. Due note that becuase it's already fall, they may look decievingly unimpressive. There should still be quite a few left (the other variety I remember is the pink Itoh Cara Louise). Just make sure you check the sale area, where there are vats and shelves of plants.

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I'm curious as to how they're being propagated.

Are these the tissue cultured plants I've been reading about?


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