sun req. tree peonies

mrtulinOctober 6, 2005

I have established herbacious peonies- full doubles. I have never found a peony cage tall enough to support the stems, particularly the blossoms. As the buds mature, the stems grow and grow until they are 6-8 inches long and flop or hang all over the top of the plant. If I tape tall bamboo stakes to the original hoop, or weave twine through a cage of stakes, it really takes a lot longer than "six minutes" I really don't have a half hour per plant /six plants .... or I'd rather spend my time doing other things in the spring garden, than supporting a cast of floppy characters.

I know this is not how a well grown peony looks. Do you think my analysis of the problem is correct?

I suspect they do not get enough sun for optimal habit, although they have loads of buds.

They were sold as festiva maxima, but are just white.

That is my complaint, and the reason I am writing about tree peonies.

Will these do ok with 4 hours direct sun, and the rest bright shade?

If so, I'll move the peonies lactifolia to a less obvious spot, and put the lovely cousins in their place.

Hoping for the answer I want to hear.


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Tree peonies should do well with the amount of sun you have. Festiva Maxima is the most floppy of the double herbaceous peonies even in full sun. Tree peonies will take a few years to reach their potential so be patient. Al

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