mmargieOctober 17, 2008

Any chance that there is a variety that will grow/bloom in Central Florida?

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Most of us outside of Florida do not know much about your climate. Here in zone 9 California, I grow lots of Peonies, all of which bloom regularly. Al

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Part of the problem of central Florida is that much of the ground is peaty from the swamps that used to be over the southern 2/3's of the state. The peaty soils are high acid soils which most peonies do not like. Depending on where you are in Florida, Central Florida covers a wide are, try growing tree peonies in Large pots. 15 gallon or bigger. I was in Pahokia, sorry spelling,and at least the year of Wilma that area got more than enough chill hours. I would keep the pot in a shady area.

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