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morugamanFebruary 20, 2014

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone on GW who have helped me build knowledge on pepper growing and to those who sent me seeds. This has been a great experience and I cannot wait for spring to come. Again, thank you all so much for the seeds. I feel kind of lame when I tell people that my passion is in gardening and gardening hot peppers but it is truly what keeps me going and what makes me happy. I hope everyone has an awesome grow season this year! Grow Hard!

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flipback23(9 SF Bay)

I posted a same thread the other day. I am also glad I found this forum and the people here are awesome and very helpful compared to some other forums Im in.

I too have a passion for gardening that some people including my family and friends think is a bit overboard.

Especially if you see me lol. Put it this way Im 37, ex cholo/gangbanger with plenty of tattoos from my younger days 18-25yrs old, that has since graduated college, work in the aerospace industry married with 3 kids.

Gardening is just one of my hobbies but I concentrate on it more than any others. For some reason when I get home from work it just relaxes me to go outside and be with my veggies lol. Plus I get to eat food that I know has not been treated and is very safe for my growing kids. Since I concentrate more or organic methods.

And now that I got into the peppers its even more fun.There's alot more to pepper growing than the basic veggies for me. I like the challenge and I enjoy watching my friends suffer through the heat they love so much.

Like I said before thanks to everyone here for the help and seeds.

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Haha that is awesome because I am in the same boat. I'm only 21 but I was also into the gang life stuff and I'm just too smart to go that route now that I've grown out of my younger kid stage. I too find it relaxing. When I'm looking. At my seedlings or watering or whatever I just tunnel out and only think about what I can do to make these plants more happy, which makes me more happy! Glad to hear your so passionate as well. Shoot me an email flipback

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Reading your comments just makes me think. I teach high school and it just floored me when I found out how many of my students had never planted a seed. My collection went to school and the students were all given free reign to plant what they wanted in their 6 cell container. The last few months of the year were spent partially on state approved curriculum and partially on gardening. Guess which one they wanted to tell me about when they came back last fall. There is something about playing in dirt and growing plants that just brings peace and grounds a person, connecting them to the earth. Round two of my science/gardening class will start again in a few weeks and with luck, a few more lives will find the joy in gardening.

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hahaha, good for all of you guys. I would say your stories are not unlike a lot of other forum members. Glad to have you all on board. Good luck with your season this year.

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Ditto Bruce

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Thanks guys. Now let's grow some healthy Peppers!

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