Maple tree with holes in trunk

Luke2013February 10, 2013


My maple tree has some suspicious looking holes in its trunk. Were these made by a bird? Or by an insect? Do I need to be concerned or do anything about them? The tree is rather young, and I want to help it anyway I can.

Thank you,

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There are a number of borers that can infest Maple trees depending on where in the United States you are. Some are of little significance and need no action from you while others may.
Have you talked with the people at your counties office of your state universities Cooperative extension Service about this? They will know which borer is in your area and also possible treatments if they need control.

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

Have you seen any of these little guys around? I've got one here - it seems most interested in a mature magnolia. I'm just watching it for now, thinking its a little small to do lasting damage to a large tree - but its my first sap sucker. (new garden)

Here is a link that might be useful: Sap sucker

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It's indicative of a sapsucker. Insects don't bore holes in straight lines around a trunk. Woodpeckers do.

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