Have you ever tried tree peony cuttage?

haveatry2(Zone 7)November 5, 2008

Some times you could get some branches with buds cut from tree peony. Have you ever tried cuttage?

Theoritically, tree peony could be propagated through cuttage.

I tried tp sand cuttage in these days, after one month or more, the buds are looks still fresh, but no root. anyone happen to know how to make it root? Could tp be cuttaged in the water?

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I have attempted after seeing information in several books. But none of the books other than mentioning it is done gave any information other than a poor picture of a row of cutting in a box. I think a month is way too soon to expect roots.

If anyone has done this I would like to know did you use new wood or old, time of year cut, was a bud left on or was it blank, was the entire stem placed underground, or what.

I have not tried it yet because I keep forgetting but supposedly if your plant starts developing green side shoots the shoot can be cut off with a bit of the stem, placed in moist sand, and according to the books the bud will start sending out roots. In my area this could be late June or early July. I imagine that the time would vary depending on your area.

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haveatry2(Zone 7)

I read some reports and thesis in Chinese about tree peony cuttage. Most of them report rooting after 2 monthes or so. But the rooting rate differ much.
As they suggested, one year new stems (especially root shooting) (with buds, of coures)are better than old ones. Autumn before dormancy is traditionally the best time, some also suggest cut in the blooming season and could get higher rooting rate.

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haveatry2(Zone 7)

Here is a sucessful tp cuttage (in Japanese)
With the help of translation tool, it seems the cuttage is started in April (blooming season) new stem with some leafs,four months later, roots found.
Very impressive. We need more of these examples.

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haveatry2(Zone 7)

I am also trying some water cutting. Put several tree peony stalks in the water, fixed with a foam, buds in the air and covered by film to keep moisture. Also add a piece of Vitamin C and B12 in the water to help rooting.
Might fail, but anyway, you could see what are happening there at anytime.

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haveatry2(Zone 7)

Finally, these cuttings begins to root. Four cuttings finds new roots there. Hope the others will also meet the success.
It seems i'd be patient and wait the time to complete the miracle.

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