need to move needle palm

drtoddh(6)April 6, 2010

Hello, I have 2 needle palms here in southern Ohio outside for 4 years now. No problems with the winters. They have thrived and even bloomed last year, no seeds though. We are building a house and would like to take the palms with us. Now I need to move the 2 needle palms. 1 is smaller, about 2 X 2 feet. I dug a ball about the size of it's drip line but then a good portion of the soil fell off. There was surprisingly little root structure there. The plant was put in a large pot for now. I am afraid to dig the larger 4X4 needle palm until I get some opinions. Is this palm very hardy to transplant? Is the lack of a large root system pretty typical and how particular are they to being disturbed like that? Any more suggestions on how to do it? It really has to be done this month. Thanks, Todd

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I honestly dont see you having anything to lose. I would really dig as far out as you can (even though most palms dont really have that extensive f root systems). Not sure how easily they transplant, but since they are such slow growing palms I wouldnt expect them to grow for a good amonut of the summer after being transplanted.

Good luck, hope they transplant well for you!

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