First melon

HippyBKCJuly 25, 2014

Even though I planted 3 1/2 weeks later than normal, my sugar babies are ripening within a week of last year's times. Picked this first one this morning, cut it on edge of garden, and had eaten half of it before making it back into the house. Very sweet! Had to stop myself from devouring it all (figured my wife, my 8 year old, and our toddler might mutiny)

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Your melon looks nice. This is the first year to try sugar babies. I think I am going to like them better than crimson sweet. There is just two of us at home and the smaller melon seems to work better for us.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

That looks great.

I also planted melons late (we were cold through early May so there was no reason to hurry) but we got fruit earlier than usual. It is funny how that happens sometimes.

Our first fruit were from volunteers that popped up in two beds where I grew melons last year. I almost yanked them out because the volunteers were not in a place where I intended to grow watermelons. Instead I dug them up while they still were very small (one true leaf) and moved them to a spot where they would have the room to grow.

We like the smaller ones too, Larry. The two of us cannot eat up the big ones fast enough, especially with Tim working evenings, which really messes up his meal schedule.

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That is funny about the volunteers. I have a HUGE volunteer sugar baby plant right off of our front porch (from sitting and eating last year). That one plant has 9 nice sized melons at last count, and we will likely be picking them early next week.

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