Top 5 worst/resistant plants Japanese beetles

willow76February 5, 2014

I'm new to the forum, thought this would be fun and helpful. I recently moved to a new house, blank slate and would like to avoid some of those dreaded beetle favorite plants. I think it raises my blood pressure walking in my garden and seeing hoards of those beetles devouring my plants. Let's start a thread listing 5 plants that you rarely see them on and also list 5 that is their favorites in your yard and would be hesitant to plant again.

My yard Beetle favorites (zone 5)
1. Alpine currant
2. Purple leaf sand cherry
3. Young white himaylian birch
4. Hollyhock
5. Linden tree

Beetle resistant
1. Coral bells
2. Clematis
3. Magnolia
4. Redbud
5. Austrian pine

Can't wait to see everyone's lists.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

hey willow.. welcome ....

this forum is pretty dead .... but for bug and disease questions ...

and since you are new.. may i suggest.. yours is actually a plant question ... and you might get more participation in the perennial and/or annual forums ... though those are kinda dead this time of year also ... lol ..

i dont care where you post.. i am just trying to get you to optimize your GW experience ...

interesting.. i have never had a JB problem on alpine current ... hmmmm ....


ps: next to your name in the post.. where it says 'none' .. try to get to your members page.. and add zone and big city .... or peeps will be asking you every post ... e.g. something like z5 Ann Arbor ....

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7 are soooo off base. I could just pinch your head off. Willow, this forum is perfect for a discussion about JBs and their habits. Same for those other forums, but this one is probably the most suitable.

And it's a good subject, too. People could make their lives a lot easier if they gave some thought to plant selection regarding pest damage.

I'm happy to report that we have carefully avoided most of the usual ornamental plants so attractive to these pesky beetles! As a matter of fact, JBs are the reason why we didn't even consider some of the plants on your list.

It's the veggies that will become beetle food in my yard. In a bad year, the damage can be terrible. Some years ago, I started to apply 'Surround ', a totally organic product consisting of kaolin clay. A couple of coats does a great job of protecting my veggies from many pests, and from heat and sun scald, too. Looks funny, though. Not ideal for ornamentals because of that.

In my yard, here are five plants these pests avoid :

1. All of my conifers

2. Daylilies (all varieties)

3. Angelonia

4. Spirea (we have a dwarf variety, can't recall the cultivar right now)

5. Lantana

And many more.....:-)

Thanks for the great topic and I hope you'll be back often. This is a slow time of year, but it'll be jumping in a few weeks.

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Thanks rhizo 1, we will be putting in a vegetable garden probably next year, I will make note of that product called surround, if I'm not mistaken my hair conditioner contains kaolin clay, wierd at least the jb won't fly near my head, hehe

Anyways keep the lists coming

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

that was the list.. from the snarky one.. maybe kimmr will chime in.. and that is your whole audience..

hence the suggestion if you want to talk with more than the 3 of us.. you seek other people in other places .. or do it here.. i really have no vested interest in your audience ....

i continue to be amazed at how rude some people are.. when all that was suggested.. was that a newbie open her horizon a bit.. and try other forums ...

rhiz... please dont threaten me again ... go pinch some bugs heads off ...

really ???? you are down to physical threats?????


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Aw, you usually have such a good sense of humor. I COULD have suggested a wedgie, but I figured that you might take me seriously if I said that.

I am sorry for upsetting you, truly. (But I still want to pinch your head off, sometimes, lol.)

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"Akward" oh well another fine example why I won't join my local garden club, it ends up never being about gardening,

Seriously Ken, you might want to think about hanging out in the turd forum, what a buzzkill, bye bye

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