Root Knot Nematodes (tomato comparison pics)

joellenh(6b Jenks)July 5, 2011

These are pics of two of my tomato plants in root knot nematode infected beds. Juan Flamee and Siberian Pink. If you can't tell, they are dead. ;) Brown stems, complete folliage loss. This is despite huge efforts to reduce the population (I solarized the soil, planted a fall cover crop of Elbon Rye and tilled it under, applied an Actinovate soil drench, added organic matter including compost, bunny poop, and crushed crab shells).

By comparison, here are pics of a few of my container tomatoes. They are all thriving and the difference is staggering. For the next few years I will only grow tomatoes in containers, and my raised beds will be used to grow things that don't serve as hosts for RNK.

So now, I am looking for a garden plan for edibles that are heat and drought tolerant, AND RKN resistant. Does anything like this exist?


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Have you pulled up a plant just to confirm RKN ? It's a bummer when you go through all the recommended cures and you still have the problem.I just had to give up to plots.
I have been told they don't like onions. sells preditor nematoads but I do not know of their effectiveness.

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I'm so sorry. Some of my tomatoes looked "similarly dead" LOL so I went and pulled them. No sign of nematodes. Maybe there's some consolation in knowing others have dead tomatoes even without RKNs.

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I also noticed couple of plants in our garden were looking similar to your plants before I pulled them. How I should know those are affected by Root Knot Nematodes? Any specific symptoms? -Chandra

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As the name implys the roots will be covered in "KNOTS", bumps nodules these are caused by the micro worms. Even though the plants look wilted water will not help them.

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I had one tomato within a row of ok ones that looked like yours and also died. I haven't pulled it, but will (yes it is still there, bad I know). I've always wondered about nematodes, but never knew how to tell until I read this post and Googled. The deceased is Heinz 1431 from the Spring Fling.

I did, however, plant "Nema-Gone" marigolds, of course in a different bed, from Baker Creek. I have no idea if/how/why those work. They are pretty though.

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