Trithrinax campestris - Caranday Palm

richard852April 6, 2007

Hello all,

I bought a new palm on ebay last night (impulse buy!) called a trithrinax campestris or caranday palm. I looked it up on junglemusic and this is the photo that came with it:

When I googled the name it did not show up on davesgarden website for more pics. But when I googled caranday palm this is what showed up on davesgarden:

Davesgarden shows the caranday palm to be a Copernicia australis (aka wax palm) which looks different than the junglemusic picture. So I guess I am trying to figure out what I bought. The ebay picture looks just like the junglemusic photo, so is the davesgarden description a synonym or different palm altogther?

Thanks for all,


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I also bought Trithrinax campestris on ebay. The other palm that I bought bare-rooted (chilean wine) has long since died, but the trithrinax is doing just fine. They are supposed have a good deal of cold resistence and drought tolerance so they sound like robust, hardy palms.

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Is the trithrinax very fast growing and how long have you had it?


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I've had mine for about three months now. It's in a south window and I usually forget to water it and yet it looks fine. I would say they are slow to moderate reliable growers (meaning they they are unlikely to suffer major setbacks).

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When you buy any palm trees online make sure that you are getting a certified palm tree and you can return it in case you don't like it. You can buy Caranday Palm on eBay for a less money but it doesn't mean you are getting a good quality.

It is better to pay a little more and know for sure your palm tree not going to die in a few weeks. Below I have a link where you can buy healthy Caranday Palm Tree that comes with money back guarantee and certificate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caranday Palm Tree

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How is your palm now? When you buy a palm, it is the genus and species name that is important, not the common name, as common names are often randomly attached to plants and many have the same common names (eg. Bamboo Palm describes multiple species of palm)

Here is my seedling Copernicia alba.. can tell these easily from Trithrinax seedlings which have basically no teeth along the petioles, but have blue-grey leaves that have VERY sharp tips... Copernicia alba seedlings have nasty sharp teeth along the petioles and normal green leaves.

Dont' have a photo of a seedling Trithrinax campestris, but here is a smaller clumping one in California

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My Trithy continues to do nothing after pushing out 2 leaves from it's deathbed this spring,hard winter.

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They are really nice palms! I might try one in the ground but they are very slow growing so recovery from a hard winter isnt so fast.

Good luck!

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