green algae or mold on branches of several plants?

luvpatch2March 11, 2014

HI! I am doing yard cleanup and pruning My yard and have noticed green algae or mold at the base of a bougainvilla plant, Wisteria vine and a few of my other plants. We have had cold wet freezing weather a few times this winter. I am wondering how to get rid of it and if this is going to harm my plants . Some of the plants are in containers and a couple of them like the vine are in the ground. I also have this green stuff on the outside of some of my terracotta pots. Any suggestions and help would be great! I live in Houston.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

w/o a pic ... its impossible to answer ..

but generally.. we do not clean the exterior of our plants ... you really havent given any info indicating it is in any way.. affecting the plants ...

as to the pot???? .... many peeps with clay pots.. smear buttermilk on them.. to encourage moss growth ... unless you are able to ID moss from algae ... i suggest you leave them.. but if you dont like it.. 10% bleach and a scrub brush, but dont get any on the plant ... but it will also wane as heat and drought start ....



ps: google images for lichens ... they are not a problem ... ever ...

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Most likely you need do nothing since that probably will go away once the plants dry out some.

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