Deer Ruckus

mulberryknobJuly 2, 2011

At quarter to five this morn DH took the gun and headed for the garden to try to catch those maurauding deer in the act. When the young dog saw him head toward the garden, he ran ahead, through the gate,which DH had left open last night hoping the dogs would keep the deer out. Dh never made it to the garden. Before he got there he heard a commotion of corn stalks breaking, tomato cage breaking free and saw a flash clear the 4 ft tall fence. He shot into the air to further scare them, but they were gone, dog on their heels. When it got light enough to see he found a CRW tomato cage with a Cherokee Purple plant still inside it a 100 ft outside the garden at the edge of the woods. A deer had taken that cage over the fence bending the top wire as he went. They had eaten a half dozen ears of corn or more before they left. That's in addition to the half dozen or more yesterday. I hope that scare was enough to keep them out for the rest of the summer. It's not so dry here that they NEED to eat out of our garden. They just can't resist that corn--and daylily buds.

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I can feel your pain. The deer have destroyed my step dads garden, the crows are destroying mine. Its seems as tho when the critters get started you almost have to kill them to get rid of them.


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I understand your frustration. And it wouldn't surprise me to see it start here even though I'm on the edge of town. I have wild animals including deer coming up to my pens to water. The garden isn't far away. The good thing now is the corn is getting tall enough for some cover and with the farmers watering 24/7 they have a good water supply. I haven't seen the deer in a few weeks so hoping they have moved to the fields. The quail and pheasants are still around. It is hard enough to garden without any additional hard ships. It may scare them for a few days but imagine they will be back. Jay

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


We are overrun with deer here, and they aren't coming around only after dark. They eat every plant that dares grow through the garden fence. They eat anything edible I throw onto the compost pile. I put out a little deer corn and hen scratch for them and for the rabbits out behind the barn, and the rabbits have to come in mid- to late-afternoon to beat the deer to it, or they don't get anything at all. I can't go outside after twilight unless accompanied by a dog for fear I'll have an unpleasant deer encounter.

The ponds are dry and the creeks are low, so I put out water in big aluminum pans for them every morning and every night. I also fill up three 'wildlife puddles' twice a day so all the wild things have water to drink. I feel sorry for them. They don't seem to have much to eat this year. If I was a deer, I'd be hanging around a garden too. I've always felt like my garden fence would keep out the deer, but this year there's a couple of really big bucks hanging around that I think could clear the 7' tall fence if they tried. So, this past week we added 2' more to the top of the fence on the two sides where they can get a good running start. Eventually we'll add the 2' to the other two sides, but it is too hot to work on fencing any more until we get a break in the heat.

Our youngest dog, Jersey, is part Great Dane and loves to chase deer. She whines and has a fit every time she knows they are out there, so lately she whines and has a fit several times a day. I don't let her out to chase them either, but if she's already out and spots one, the chase is on.

We have so much hungry wildlife already and it isn't even winter yet. They're in for a long, hard winter if significant rain doesn't fall.


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