Newly planted Coconut Palms Dying? Or lethal yellowing? Panic!

gsracerApril 22, 2013

Hello, Im located in Miami, Florida.

Just planted these palms on the 6th of april. They are malaysian dwarf palms. As of today there is one palm that is yellowing and browning on the lower fronds. Is it sick or am I doing something wrong.

Also noticed around the base where the fronds meet the trunk it has gone from bright green to yellow brown with dark spots.

I watered daily for the first 7 days and since then I have been watering 3 times a week of of a sprinkler well pump.


April 6th.
Affected palm is third from the right.

As of today.
Second from right in this pic, all others are doing fine apparently.

more close ups of affected palm.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

relax !! lol looks like just a bit of transplant shock. old fronds die lol They'll be busy trunking at that size and give them some time. I'd ease up a bit on the water particularly with the rainy season. In a couple of years you'll be hawking nuts on the street lol gary

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What nursery did you pic them up at? Also if u don't mind me asking what size and how much were they?

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picked them up at one of the growers in homestead which i know is ground zero for lethal yellowing.

most have about 2 feet of trunk and over all are about 8-10 ft tall, they where 55.00 each.

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Those are beautiful! But yeah, it's just transplant shock. Nothing to be worried about.

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I love your coconut trees against the pretty wood fence. The landscaping you've made along the fence looks neat and nice too.

I'm a little colder here for coconuts, but still I'm not giving it up yet. I bought one from Home Depot, but it's about 5ft or so .. no trunk yet. I'd like to get a bigger one with trunk to start planting this growing season. If you don't mind, could you provide the name of the seller in Homestead so I can look them up. I'd greatly appreciate it.

You certainly can look forward to having lots of coconuts soon. In the mean time, I hope you'll feed them with whatever nutrients they need to help them grow quick and fast in order to reach maturity and fruit production stage. Have fun with your cocos!

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Banana fan if you live below Ft Pierce or Sarasota you have a chance for long term survival. Anywhere above that is a big gamble.To have a better luck you need to be closer to Ft Myers on the west coast or below Palm Beach on the east. They just don't do well if you have temps below freezing even for a short time. Good luck.

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