planting peonies near sprinklers

bonfleur(5)November 2, 2013

My husband purchased 5 peony plants but the only location I can plant them where they will get adequate sun is the south east facing side of our house. If I plant them in front of our house...directly faces south...they will receive no shade and the summer heat gets very intense. The west side is used for my husband's vegetable garden and next to the house gets very little sunshine. The north side (backyard) gets no sun. The problem is, the builders installed the sprinkler system about 2 1/2 to 3 feet away from the house, about where I need to plant the peonies. We have heavy clay soil so we're going to have to add improvements. But, even with the improved soil, will they be able to withstand the tri-weekly soaking from the sprinklers when they are turned back on next spring AND will their root system harm the water lines they'll be sitting on top of? Thank you for any advice offered!

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If you have clay soil, then I would recommend growing the peonies in a slightly raised mound with plenty of compost, and manure to raise it about 4 inches before planting the peonies so they drain well.

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On the north side of the house with sprinklers running three times a week sounds like a very poor place to plant peony. Would likely become a mildew growing site, with non blooming peonies. Al

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With plenty of sun---they'll love it. Close to a sprinkler head....couldn't be the worse place unless you wish to kill them the first spring /summer.

It comes down to, if you wish to have your peonies flower then choose a spot where they receive adequate sun, adequate water, and adequate care---this means you have to prop them up when the flowering gets heavy.
If you cant do this.....then you have chosen the wrong plant.

Life is not a bowl of cherries....give them what they need....or look for something else.

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I agree with Steve and Al, I'd plant them in the full sun portion of your south facing yard. Peonies will wilt during the hottest days of summer but will recover as soon as the sun goes down. I'm also zone 5 and have the vast majority of my peonies in full sun, they do great.

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