Lemongrass Leaves bending over

rosie21March 25, 2013

Hey, I'm kinda worried about my lemongrass..... I re-potted it about a month ago and it was growing fine.... Even a new shoot up and all was looking good.

Then suddenly the other day, they all began to droop and bend over. Now the bending over part has happened before with the long leaves.... But the new shoots always grew straight until they reached a certain height.

But this is looking bad.... Like as though the plant is sick... Even some of the leaves seem to be browning.... Am I doing something wrong?

A few facts:
I water it whenever the soil goes dry and I also mist the plant daily. The current temperature where I live is around 32-35C (The plant is a native to the country so I don't think that is the problem). They plant is located in a boxed window... a little away from the kitchen exhaust.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

is that real soil.. or potting medium???

there is no drainage in the pot.. correct???

are you insuring that it is not a swamp at the bottom of the pot where the roots are??? ... or are you just watering when the surface looks dry???

and finally.. is there a reason this cant be outside in mother earth??? .. i never really though about a grass as a houseplant ????

and.. being lazy right now .... is india coming into fall or spring????


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It is real soil with stones at the bottom to help drainage. The container has holes at the bottom and I check every time i water to make sure excess water is draining out.

I recently re-potted it so made sure that the soil was not heavy... and yes I water only when 1" of the soil is dry.

I live in a flat so I can't put it on the ground... Besides, it never had issues like this before (growing it since 7 years or so)

I just noticed that the long stemmed plants kinda bend when kept at this window... Could it have anything to do with the wind direction and stuff?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Although widely believed to help, those "stones at the bottom to help drainage" aren't.

The leaves flop because of low light. (The plant needs full sun outdoors.)

The leaves bend toward the window because that's where the light is coming from.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It might be the picture, but that soil looks unsuitable for container grown plants.

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