Palm tree farm/nursery south carolina?

tropicpalmsApril 9, 2010

Does anyone know a good Palm tree farm with good prices somewhere on east coast of south carolina (preferrably) Sabal Palmettos, Pindos, Chusan WIndmill, maybe some phoenix palms or yuccas... large up to 12' . I searched and found 3 that seemed ok... far sout near ggeorgia. if anyone knows or has experience please let me know thanks -Justin in VB

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thats quite a coincidence i just bought a a sabal palm today 8 feet trunk with 4 ft fronds.For $115 any size! local places around here sale there sabals for 200 to 300.the place is call (MY YARD CENTER) they got everything from pindos to washingtonia,sabals,windmills,canarys,etc. 119 hwy east Longs,SC 29568 you can google on streets view.I can give you the number if you like.

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Try Gary's Nursery in New Bern, NC

He has many types, small and large. Very knowledgeable about growing palms in cold places.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I saw good ones selling tall sabals, pindos, trackys etc around Kitty Hawk, NC and Roanoke Island, NC. Sorry forgot the names. People in those areas can point them out when you ask around if visiting that area.

I also Heard Gary's is good too. He's located right on the sabal palm survival line and exploits that in a good way.

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thanks everyone who helped me with this. I called both and gary's larest sabal palmetto is 6' and their largest euro fan palm is a 3 gal. lol... and there pretty expensive. My Yard Center was much better huge palms to 25' for $115... mant large sizes... very good prices. i think i will be heading down to south carolina within a month. then maybe florida to get nice sized palms... thanks again -Justin

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

That was smart to check out the prices. When you drive to the coastal regions in NC and SC where they grow palms you will find the Lwes, HD or local nurseries have a nice selection. As long as your willing to pay $50 - 100 each you'll should get some sizeable/big palms.

Look for sales at K marts and know which palms you are buying. Many of these stores do not know what is cold hardy and if you do you can score a giant bargin.

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very true... the reason is this week i have been/ am taking down 29 huge maples and birch and pine trees at my moms house some over 60' high... replaceing with Cold Hardy Palms ill post before / after pics in about a month i hope. So I plan to go to South Carolina and rent a u-haul and pick up 30-40 nice sized (7-15') sabals, pindos, chusan windmills, euro fans,washingtonias, and maybe a canary date or phoenix dacty... ill c what my options are. Im going to build a 2 story palaps in the back also.

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Just keep in mind... a 15' Sabal Palmetto will weigh a ton! Literally, unless you have transported and planted one, you just can't even imagine. I picked up and transplanted a 15 footer (10' of trunk) and it took me and 2 other guys 3 hrs just to get it out of the truck and upright in the ground, planted. I would not recommend it without proper equipment. If you're still set on it though... good luck and eat you Wheeties before you try it! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting a Sabal Palmetto

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HaHaHa Yea i know what you mean... im use to it tho trust me. I transplanted 3 20' of trunk trachycarpus fortunei and they were at least 2,000 also. i have a lot of friends and were young... played football n stuff so its hard dont get me wrong but many stong hands make light work... ;) and if anything ill rent a heavyduty bobcat and do the job. but there not close to as heavy as the trunks on my 60' pines and birch trees ive been cutting down for the last week. and i have to some how move at least 20-25' pine logs at least 2 1/2' - 3' thick to build my palapa...they probally weigh around 3-4,000 lbs. thanks for the advise tho im ready and determined tho lol. it will be a lot of work but im ready and its much needed work.thanks again- Justin

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At least it sounds like you know what you're getting in to. I know I did most of the work with my transplant, I'm 39 yrs old and a fair size 6'1" - 220 lbs... my helpers were much older and much smaller neighbors. The worst part was the fact that I had mine in the bed of a F-250 and I didn't want to drop it on to the ground. We built a slide out of 3/4" plywood and some 2X4's and slid it out. It cracked the plywood and 2X4's... it was NOT fun. I can get a 15 footer installed for $150 or less around here. I only paid $50 for mine since I picked it up.

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WOW! very nice prices... i knew they were cheap dime a dozen almost down there and nice and not hurricane cut... here 15' 3-700$ just depends. thats cool i appreciate all the help suggestions and info. i will post pics of before and after and let everyone know how the palm trip was. im looking to et many diff. cold hardy types and i probably will go to my yard center as they have the best prices and sizes i have looked up not too far away. talk soon -Justin in VB

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Cool! I'll be looking forward to seeing some pics of the project. Even though I'm in Central Florida, I still have nothing but cold hardy palms. I have Sabal Palmettos, Sabal Lisa's, Sabal Minors, Sabal Louisiana's, both Silver & Green forms of Saw Palmettos, Windmill, Needle Palms, both Silver & Green forms of European Fans. I had a Silver Bismarkia, but our 16.7* low in January killed it completely.

Good luck with your big project!

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Hey Justin,
1 thing you might consider is, palms tend to hybridize
or change the providence of the plant it self rather quickly.
I would rather buy palms from a region as close to where
you live as possible. Seeds collected and grown from a warmer climate might not grow as well. Just something to think about.


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If anyone needs a good deal on any Palm Tree Call me i have the best deals,But I ship my palms from florida,Any size My Sabal are 6ft to 12ft of wood 65$

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Justin, I saw what you've been doing at your mom's place when I stopped by to see Laura's garden. I didn't realize you were neighbors. Send me an email (listed in my profile here). She says we should know each other because of our mutul interests in sabals on the Eastern Shore.

The front of your mom's place is pretty amazing!

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