Peony bud vernalization

stevelau1911November 21, 2012

About 2 months ago, I split up a huge keiko itoh peony into around 40 pieces in many pots. A few days ago, I lifted a few of them out of the soil, and I am just starting to see all kinds of little white buds forming all over these chunks of tuber which seems to be correlated directly with the soil temperatures dropping into the 40s.

Is this just a result of dividing up the clump, or do buds tend to form with temperatures hanging in the 40s? I have around 5 divisions per pot so I expect them to get very root bound once they sprout out in March.

I'm a bit afraid that too many divisions may crowd each other out, and some of them may perish due to the lack of light.

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I hope someone will answer your question. I have never divided any of my Itoh peonies. They say the roots are very hard to divide. How long do you find that it takes to get a bloom from one of these divisions? Would like to learn and plan to read along and learn.

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I'll show some updates likely on this forum once they activate in a couple months.

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