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lsecunda(z5IN)November 2, 2005

What is the best planting time in zone 5 for planing herbaceaous peonies? I had read that October is best but is it too late to plant this fall or should I wait till spring?

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Plant 'em if ya got 'em. :) September through November are prime peony planting seasons.. ;)

IA Z5a

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)

Fall planting of peonies is far superior to spring planting, I do some dividing and replanting as early as August 15th. Peonies can be planted up to the time that the ground freezes. Then it becomes physically impossible to open the ground to get the root planted.

I like to get peonies in earlier than that because the plant will begin to send out feeder roots and continue during warm periord throughout the winter and early spring and it will be ready and primed to blast stems out of the ground in the spring. A spring planted root does not have the time to get feeder roots out before the very early top growth begins to grow. With the lack of root support the plant will not flourish that first year. It will be very prone to damage from drought that first summer.

So, I am with Ticker on this on, Plant 'em if ya got 'em

Here is a link that might be useful: Website of the Heartland Peony Society

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I just got couple of Peony bulbs when I was at a garden show last week.. Do I need to wait till last frost and plant them in April ? Or is it ok to plant them as soon as I can step out. I live in NJ and its still about 32 degrees(Farenheit) at this time. Also can I keep the bulbs in Fridge untill I plant them ?

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Can you work your soil. If so plant. Some of the members put in large pots until fall. Your choice.

Do not expect flowers this year. You may be lucky to get one next year.

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