Divided Peonies Bloom

GardenEcstasy(5a)November 28, 2012

Quick question I decided to divide my favorite Itoh peony because it stopped performing very well; probably a combination of drought, depleted soil and heat waves. So I wanted to use digging it up as an opportunity to amend the soil and add slow release fertilizer.

First time dividing any of my peonies and wanted to know if I baby the main division (10-12 eyes) through the spring if it will bloom or not? I'm don't care so much about the smaller divisions I planted out in the rest of my yard.

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If you just divided it up, it probably won't bloom, and it is better off for it not to bloom the first year because it hasn't become established yet after the division.

Itoh peonies seem to be the easiest to divide as they are similar to potatoes in that any piece of tuber can grow new eyes, develop roots, and become a new division as long as it has enough energy.

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