New pics of large Trachy & Med. Fan Palm, zone 4

arctictropical(Z4)April 29, 2012

My brother has a small herd of bison on the other side of the road from my Trachy. Decided to take a pic with the bison. The Trachy should be in full bloom in a couple of weeks.

This pic is of my oldest outdoor palm, a Mediterranean Fan Palm It's been outside for over 20 years. I planted it outside when it was a 1 gallon potted palm. My son stands beside it. He's 6' tall.

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The Trachy looks awesome and the Med fan palm is probably my favorite! I really like how full and tall it is. Its a really nice specimen in a warm climate, let alone a zone 4!
Thanks for updating! Your palms sailed through another winter!

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Judging by the Trachy shot,you are somewhere in Switzerland...right(-;


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Thanks Alex & Jim. Switzerland? I wish our cold mountain valley was as warm as Switzerland! It was 24 degrees Saturday morning. It took out all of my fruit this year, I'm afraid. The apple, pear and plum blossoms got hit hard. It killed all of the new young shoots on my wisteria vines and quite a few of my magnolia trees. Nothing unusual for this cold valley. I've seen frost every month of the year.

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Never realized how large your Med. fan palm was. And your trachy always looks great with the snow capped mountains in the background. Great work!

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Wow, just wow! Two BEAUTIFUL palms! I can only imagine the questions you get!

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24F will **** some **** up 0:

We hit 28F here(23F at the airport north of town) and even some tree leaves were burned,
not to mention my Butterfly bushes which are just sprouting this time of year(usually)...they are already 6'!

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