Potting up seedling?

gerry_wyomingpa(z6)November 6, 2006

I need to pot up my tree peony babies, they have their first root, now it is time for "the big chill". How deep should the pot be, I have lots of 2 1/4" pots, but they are only about an inch deep, so I am pretty certain I need something more substantial, correct? Could I put more than one in a pot if I use larger pots, or is it better to just use one to a pot no matter? Can these go into a cold frame for the winter, I am going to make a bed for them to go into once they are at least large enough to not look like weeds.

So many questions...ugh


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Down bad post.....down

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I usually pot mine once the root has emerged in something the nurseries call a tree pot - about 4 inches square and 6 deep, one to a pot. I place mine in an old refrigerator in the garage checking them regularly to see if top growth starts. When it does, I either place them outdoors provided the bulk of the winter is done or for those that start a bit earlier in the coolest part of the greenhouse.

Just a warning though the root is very fragile, handle with great care.

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Thank you for the response, sorry I was so late to get back to it. Being as tree peony are such hardy buggers, would it be possible to just put the pots outdoors for the winter? I have a few plants that I leave out all year round and they come back for me; hosta, sedum and one rose that I can think of.


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