Time to prune or no?

jifjifjif(9b-Florida)February 1, 2013

Hey, all.

Since i am brand new to growing hot peppers, i need a bit of advice from you veterans, please.

This plant is about one year old. It grew from seed last February.

As you can see from the picture, it has four "trunks". The fattest "trunk" in the middle is the only one with peppers growing on it. The one on the left and the two on the right have many leaves, but no flowers or pods at all. Now, here is the question......am i better off leaving the plant alone or should i eliminate the three "trunks" with no peppers?

I should be able to move this plant outside (in its container) in about a month since i am in Florida.

Thanks in advance.

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Tough call on the pruning. The outside trunks have good healthy leaf growth which the plant is using to bring energy to the rest of the plant. Even though they are not producing peppers, I would probably leave them go or maybe just prune them back partway to allow more room for the middle trunk. I also would get the plant outside as soon as possible, even if just during the warm daytime. That will spur growth and eventually pod production faster than anything else. Good luck and I wish I was in Florida right now. It is zero degrees here right now with a foot of fresh snow.

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Ok, i think i will prune the other three trunks down a bit, just above a node. I wish i could get them outside a bit each day, but we are having a bit of a chill right now. Soon enough, though, i will. I can't wait.

Thanks much for your input.

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