Peony 'Rouge'

magan(5b)November 6, 2011

I bought two plants at 75% off at Home Depo for next to nothing. They were without the leaves, only stems were visible. First stems I recognized as a Peony similar to some in my garden. It had just white tag with black marked 'Festiva Maxima' and I was able to locate it on Internet.

Second pot, I would only guess Peony, had only one stem of lighter colour. It had also same white tag and marked "Rouge". Can anyone advise, if there is such a Peony "Rouge", or if it is possible that they just simply lost the regular name tag and indicated colour of Peony?

Thank you.

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)


There is not a registered cultivar that is named Rouge. There are 3 or 4 cultivars that have the word in the name but none with only Rouge. More than likely you have a Chinese herbaceous peony that someone imported and stuck a name on it. We are seeing more and more of these being offered in this underhanded way. It is not Home Depot that is doing this but rather suppliers. These plants can be brought out of China for less than 50 cents each. The mark-up on the wholesale price of these is too tempting for those repackagers to resist. It is probably one of the common red Chinese cultivars such as Mo Zi Han Gin. The wholesales don't think the cultivars will sell well if offered by the correct Chinese name so they make up a anglicized name instead.

The drawback to the use of Chinese herbaceous peonies in this way is that these peonies have a universal flaw. They all have week stems. Even though the flower size is smaller the stems will flop when hit with rain and a bit of wind.


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Thank you so much for information given, Leon. It will be so trilling to see what will come up next year. I will definitely take a photo of this "Rouge" peony and try to ID by photo. I was so happy to get your reply on this cold Winter day. It warmed my heart. Thank you again.

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