What's this weird white/yellow stuff?

weatherlMarch 13, 2010

I've seen several different...things...growing on/around my plants and wondered if I could get help IDing them.

Right now I'm most concerned about this stuff which seems to grow anywhere on the surface (we use mixed coconut), and recently I've seen it growing up stems of some plants. It's all indoors. Sometimes it's more yellow or more white, more bumpy or crusty; maybe it's not all the same thing?

What are they? Is it harmful to the plants, or to people/animals who might eat it?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It's one of the slime molds, of which there are many kinds. Not a mold, nor a fungus, but an unrelated organism. Harmless, they move along feeding on bacteria and small bits of organic matter. They can find those food supplies on almost any outdoor surface.

Slime 'molds' aren't toxic. Many living creatures feed on them.

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Thank you so much! That explains everything :) I'm relieved they're not harmful.

We wintered some plants in our mud room, but it got warm early this year and some were coming out of dormancy. We brought some pots outside to water them, and I found several interesting things on them.

White fuzz?

Some things look like a bunch of white strings. Some kind of mold or web?

This really does look like a spiderweb. I have no idea what the specks in them are, dust or eggs or? I haven't seen any obvious bugs in there.

Not exacty fuzzy, looks like a clump of white balls.

Bad for plants/animals? Harmless? Something that will go away once they're outdoors for a while, or here to stay? Any help is appreciated.

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