Grafting a large tree peony branch onto a 5lb herbaceous tuber

stevelau1911November 1, 2013

I happened to find the largest tuber that I've ever seen that had to have been over 4 inches in diameter, and over 1ft in length which was at least 5lbs so I thought I might as well graft it onto a larger heavily budded scion branch.

Will something like this necessarily result in a huge plant given that the graft takes successfully?

I grafted this one over a month ago, and it looks like the buds on the branch have gotten even fatter than before. I think it would be pretty cool if I get a large flowering tree peony straight from a new graft right away.

If this works, might as well try to take out a mature herbaceous peony, remove all the eyes, and graft a large tree peony branch onto it, then pot it up in a 25 gallon pot to see what kind of growth that produces.

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That's really cool, Steve--hope it works! I've certainly noticed some herbaceous peonies have much larger tubers than others. Unfortunately the one's I divided this year with massive tubers were from NOIDs so I can't pass the names on to give you more massive rootstock to work with. If we do some kind of trade next fall maybe you'd want the broken off roots from what we divide? Or do you have plenty of herbaceous rootstock from your 30 or so plants already?

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I've got enough root stock for the stuff I've been grafting, and they regenerate new nurse roots pretty easily in a season so I'm not worried about it.

I'll get some flower pictures next year in my gardening blog. This is the blog by the way which I haven't updated much lately. I hope this grafted plant produces multiple blooms on its 1st year right off the bat, but we'll see in another 4 months once it should start waking up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Steve's blog

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I have your blog on as one of my favorites, Steve! I check it out every so often to see what cool stuff you've been doing. When do you think you'll be ready to try your hand at hybridizing?

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I want to start hybridizing once my tree peonies get enough energy to handle flowering, and I get enough of them to start flowering. Most of my plants are still relatively new so I'm still working on getting everything together.

I do want to creat some lutea hybrids.

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