Paeonia 'Bartzella'

fleur_guyDecember 2, 2007

Can I get some input concerning the 4 in. pot of

P. Bartzella advertised by Wayside Gardens @ 39.95.

The price is right but I can't imagine a large root

system. How long till flowering?

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In my experience, a 4" pot is several years away from flowering size. Many of the intersectional hybrids like this are being grown from tissue culture now, which does make them available in more quantity, but there is a trade off in terms of time.

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Thanks Bubba. My gardening sense told me a 4" pot would
take awhile to mature and bloom. I just needed conf-
irmation from experience. I probably will start next
year with some herbaceous peonies and get my feet wet
before forking out big $$$.

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Either that, or go for one of the many gorgeous yellow tree peonies - still pricy, but a lot less so than a good-sized plant of Bartzella. I like the idea of being able to see something above ground all year, as well, so that's an added benefit. My favorite yellow is "Tria", but that can be hard to find; lots of others are nice as well. I'd also recommend starting with plants from a more specialized nursery, such as Songsparrow for peonies.

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Fleur guy, you can't go wrong with High Noon.

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In looking over some of the online sites such as Klehm's,
Solaris etc. I notice quite a few nice looking Yellow
bloom varities. Why is 'Bartzella' the "Holy Grail"?

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It was one of the first intersectional peonies. A cross of white lactiflora double x Reath hybrid tree in ?? 1986. It does not to my knowledge make seeds (have heard of two possible seed capsules) and must be proprogated by division. Like many of the intersectionals it does occasionally throw a sport of differing color or form.

Seeds have not sprouted yet so they may or may not be viable.

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Bartzella is vigorous in growth and may make a blooming size plant the next summer after planting.

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I planted 1 root and got 27 blooms the second year it was in the ground! The first year about 9 blooms, I think. I wouldn't worry about the size of the pot it's in, mine was only the root.

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Wow, that is impressive! I've bought intersectionals at Wayside Gardens this year. They were small but healthy 1-2 eyes plants. So far they are doing great. I hope to get similar results next year :)

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As the originator of Bartzella I have this to say about micropropagated Intersectional hybrids. The intersectional hybrids are very unstable by nature,Micropropagation will not create any more stability. Four inch pots will take about 3 to 4 years to bloom, if they survive that long. Most of these tissue cultured plants come from Holland or Canada, you may be buying a conterfeit. Best you buy a intersectional division from a peony breeder, it may cost a bit more, but at least you know what you've got. Remember, you only get what you pay for.

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