Upward leaf curl, yellowing leaves...

ab2008(6)March 31, 2013

Hey there, so while I was out transplanting a few things I have a very select few plants that I'm kind of wondering about. Other than the obvious signs here and there, most plants are generally very healthy, and seem to be growing well. The first photo is one of two or three that seem to be a very light green color. Everything else that has been watered at the same times, allowed to dry between waterings etc.

Second photo is of a mild jalapeno. I have 8-10 other plants and they look nothing like this. Again everything is allowed to dry between watering and such, but this one has a pretty intense leaf curl. This happened literally within the last day and hasn't been an issue till today.

Third is a habanero, but an upward leaf curl - only not as intense.

I'm not too overly worried about things, however I'd like to find out what you all have to say. Perhaps lack of nutrients? If so any specifics? The Jalapeno picture, the soil is wet because I literally just watered it a little because it did seem a little dry.

Thanks you all.

PS I have browsed around, and a few sources point towards possible calcium deficiency? I would like to get some feedback here though before throwing nutrients they may not need on them.

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ab2008, for what it is worth, I grew some hot peppers from seed of a previous crop.
And every single one died from a seed borne disease - determined by the Extension Service. I did not want to pay for further detailed testing; I just discarded the rest of seeds.
The first sign was a yellowing of the youngest leaves, followed by drooping of all leaves from top downward. Finally, the stalk collapsed; and that was that.

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Leaf curl is often related to turgidity, the amount of water a leaf has, and nutrient deficiency can also be related to moisture levels. It may be that you are letting the soil get too dry which can cause these problems also.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

are they still on a heat mat??? i see words in the second pic ... between the pots???

do your fert .. diluted with every watering???

the curl doenst bother me on one leaf.. i would snip it off ...

and the color.. doesnt either.. depending on how fast they are growing.. sometimes they grow so fast.. it takes a few days to color up properly ...;

those are some mighty fine seedlings indoors.. i think you should be very proud ...

now just dont kill them with too much love..

i like the drying out part in between waterings.. if only peeps read and note that...

how long do you figure.. before you can harden them off.. and get them outdoors????


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Thanks you all for the responses. I may have been letting them get "too" dry between watering. Not to the extent they are falling over or anything, but at the first signs of wilt.

And yes it's a seed mat, however it isn't on.
No, I don't fertilize really. They were started in some MG potting soil, but I'm thinking it may start needing to be fed perhaps?

And I should be able to get them out by the end of this month if everything goes well. It's starting to get into the 70's of a day here, but nights are still too cool for peppers. Another thing that I wasn't thinking of that may be an issue is being two plants per pot. So I'll head out today and get some more potting soil and separate them today probably.

I did mix up some of my nutrients I use for my hydroponics for lettuce and watered one of the plants that were yellowing, and seems to be turning back to the green it should be so that's great. Will watch them over the next day or two and see how it goes.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

i wouldnt repot ALL of them.. just in case it doesnt work..

by this size.. i would be watering with 1/4 fert ... in other words.. if one tablespoon in a gal is recommended.. i would use 1/4T in a gal of water.. just to refresh the media of nutrients.. w/o causing them to take over the house ...

i figured the heat mat was off.. but had to make sure ...

the one thing that crossed my mind.. FOR NEXT YEAR .... is to start them a few weeks later .. these would be perfect to go outside.. RIGHT NOW.. and you have a month to go ... the timing aspect is one of the hardest variables to perfect ... and if they could go outside.. i would plant two plants together .. and avoid the whole repotting deal ....


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