Fernleaf Peony difficult from seed???

Betty LevarDecember 27, 2008

Can someone tell me if they have had success growing fernleaf peonies from seed. I purchased a plant a few years ago but it must have beem too wet that winter and it didn't some up in the spring. They are expensive to buy but if the seeds aren't too difficult to grow I might try. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Betty

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Good question. Does anyone have p. tenuifolia seeds?

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)

I grow a good number of P. tenuifolia plants. I have double red, a couple of forms of single red and plants of pink single. So far I have never had a seed to set. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I know they do make seed, just not for me.


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hi, the double fernleaf won't produce seed. you should get seed from the single. you may have to hand pollenate it. ralfs mom

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I just purchased Fernleaf Peonies ( Paeonia Tenuifolia) seeds and they included the seeding process as well and here it is.

Place seed in moist vermiculte in plastic bag, place in warm area of the house out of the sun, when the roots appear move to refrigerator 40F) for 10-12 weeks, transplant when shoots arise, to warmth and sun.

I have not started yet because I would rather get a second oppinion, these seeds are $1.50 each

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Your instructions sound accurate (my experience is mostly with tree peonies).Supposedly, peony seeds should not be allowed to dry after they are collected, so you should get yours into moistened peat asap.

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