Major Snail Problem

hunterweavMarch 22, 2014

Hello. In my garden, I have a Major snail problem. They eat all my plants. But they especially hide in my parsley plant which is really bushy and every morning I go out to pick them out and there is a bunch of them in there.
I've even trimmed my parsley back and they still do it. Then the cycle repeats because they lay eggs and they hatch in there and the snails stay on there all day long. How can I get rid of them? The problem
Is I have a lot of ladybugs in my garden which I love because they Eat all the pests so I don't want any chemicals that would kill them.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

lady bugs would be killed by insecticides ...

snail will be killed by mollusk-cides ....

so to begin with ... you have to insure.. you use the right cure .. for the right problem ...

using the GW search engine, up near the top of the page ..... i came up with 130 pages of posts about snails/slug [and as far as i am concerned.. a slug is a snail without a] ... i choose one below for a link... to get you started ...

and i will tell you one magic suggestion.. persistence ... they replicate faster than rabbits ... and its a year long battle... from egg stage .. to the butter and garlic stage ... lol ... there will be no mystery cure .. that will get rid of them .... except you never giving up ....

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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You have a lot of snails because you have a habitat they like, cool and moist. You can change the habitat, you can set traps, you can set out poisons that are harmful only to critters like snails and slugs. The link below is from the
University of California - Davis.

Here is a link that might be useful: controlling snails and slugs

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Snails don't really care if it's cool and moist - they persist anywhere there is food and cover. IOW, the plants. I live at the beach where it's pretty darn exposed and have zillions of snails. And slugs. The only really effective control is baiting for them and doing it religiously.

I recommend Sluggo or some other type of iron phosphate product. It is biodegradable and OMRI listed and virtually non-toxic to other, non-mollusk organisms.

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