bare root in garage for winter?

mudanDecember 10, 2012

i lost 2 tree peony last year. some told me that the root did not get a chance to grow enough in the fall. i am in a very cold place. can i save the plant in garage to let it grow more and plant it in the ground in spring/fall?
some said tree peony must be outside during winter. it that true? suggestions?

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How cold is a very cold place? A tree peony, even in dormancy always has above the ground growth, like roses, which may need winter protection of some sort. Are you suggesting keeping your tree peony as a container plant? I would normally prefer to leave it in the ground, if this is a new plant now in a container, I would try and find a protected location for the winter and plant it in the spring. Al

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thanks for the suggestion calistoga, my place is in zone 5. right now the temperature outside is 30f, snowing. it is going to be much colder for the next 3 monthes and we sometimes have snow in May.
it is a new bare root plant. i put it in a pot and hided it in my garage for 3 weeks already.
last year i planted 2 bare root tree peony early november, leaving them in the coldness. they all died in the following spring after a few weeks of struggling.
the new leaves start showing but the growth slowed, then stopped and died eventually. tears!

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