Tree peonies

maifleur01December 30, 2006

With this crazy weather this year if you have tree peonies start checking the buds. At the start of December two of my plants started opening buds. Luckily with in a day or so it got real cold. This past week and it looks like next week also we will be in the upper 40's and 50's. Just the right temps to break dormancy. If you see your tree peony buds opening you might want to provide additional shade or mulch. If the buds expand too much you can lose your flowers. This is especially a problem with chinese tree peonies from the central plains region, the type most frequently imported to this country.

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I must say, considering our very mild start this year, I had thought about looking at mine , since they do tend to start growing when temperatures are still very chilly here, in midspring, and long before our last frost date even. Considering the size of mine now, and the difficulty of covering larger plants , I guess they'll have to survive now on their own, though the coldest weather since they were planted some years ago is supposed to be on the way. Fingers crossed here! Brings to mind though, the one yellow I got some years back seems not to winter well even in above normal winter temperatures in my garden , and perhaps that a sign it's been weakened by some chronic disease perhaps? The others seem very cold hardy even in our colder winters and have little winter dieback!

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