Tree peonies from seed

psymbiosis(z7 NM)December 7, 2005

I know it could take years to see a bloom, but I really want to try these tree peonies from seed. My grandmother saved them for me from hers. I have regular peonies, but they seem to grow like no-brainers. Any tips on growing tree peonies from seed would be appreciated, as I am starting from zero here.



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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

I'm guessing you have the seed now? This year's seed should be ripe by now. Sow immediately. The easiest way for you would just be to place it outside, possibly in a covered container or a cold frame. You should then see a shoot in spring. Growth will be slow, you'll have to pamper it for the first year or two. Do you know which species you have?

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psymbiosis(z7 NM)

No idea what species. Two different ones a light pinkish and a darker wine color. Will try some in containers.Thanks for your response. Wish me luck!


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Pink peony seeds are supposed to be the sterile ones...they will not germinate. I treat my tree peony seeds in exactly the same way as herbaceous peony seeds.
In one of those shallow containers that you get deli olives & stuff at the grocery store, 1/2 fill with vermiculite, moisten, then mix the seed in. Put the lid back on & stick it in the fridge, pulling it out every 2 weeks or so to see if they've germinated. Once you see the primary root, take them out of the fridge and pot them up. Sometimes you get a leaf in summer #1, sometimes the first leaf waits until summer #2. Either way, peonies from seed will take several years to flower.


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Pink flowered peony plant seeds will grow. Pink, red, and orange colored seeds won't. So don't throw out the seeds from these plants. If you want a pretty fall color plant P. japonia or vetchii. You will have a mix of colors on a open seed pod.

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I always allow at least one pod of seeds to form on each of my tree peonies, then I let the seeds fall to the ground. It's rare that I do not have seedlings every spring. I gave away 3 really nice sized plants last spring. They were 3 years old. Some of the 3 year plants have bloomed for me. I have lavendar, red yellow pink and white tree peonies. Lots of the seedlings are maroon. It's always fun to see what you will get for color.

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They are all only making 1 leaf so far on their 1st year, but I think that 1 leaf is very important given that it gives them all the photosynthesis they need for the following years.

Only thing I can do is give them ideal conditions, and hope they come back a lot stronger the following year.

Here is a link that might be useful: tree peonies sprouting

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1st yr tp seedlings are tiny;dont be surprised if they completely disappear by end of summer.
2nd yr sdlngs arent much bigger.
Our 3rd yr plants are about 1ft tall.
4th yr plants bloom.
Are your seedlings in pots or in ground?
Good luck!

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I have all of them in the ground in a garden bed, and I don't plan on touching them. It looks like most of them are stuck with just 1 leaf for the longest time while it looks like one of them is trying to put on a 2nd leaf, but thanks for the information. I think it's OK to have a bunch of them growing together anyways.

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