New light setup. To much Lumens?

Bill_Missy(8b)February 23, 2013

Hello all,

I splurged and bought another light setup yesterday. It is: Lithonia Lighting. High Ballast Factor (HBF-MVOLT). Uses 6 T8 bulbs, 4â long. 95% total reflectance.

Bulbs are T8 Philips Daylight Deluxe. 32 Watt, Light output 2750 Lumens. Color Rating index 82. Color Temperature 6500K.

I purchased the light and 10 pack of bulbs for $85 at Home Depot.

Can you have to much Lumens? From all my reading on this great site, I think I am okay with this. I had to go bigger because my 2 bulb T12 setup is being out grown with all my plants. So now I have 2 light setups.

Side note: I was given permission to buy the light from my wife, all I had to do is promises her I would grow some Catnip for her cats. Seems fair :)


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No. There is no way to make the 10000 lumens per square foot the sun makes, I believe.

You CAN have too much heat (above 85) so make sure its all vented and safe!

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Nice setup, Bill!

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Sounds like a great setup. I really don't think you can provide toooo much artificial light. But like TheMasterGardener says, your only concern would be excessive heat and even then, I don't think your florescent lights would be a problem there as they are very low heat output.

Sounds like a good deal from HD and great job getting permission from the boss to buy it.

I prefer regular shop lights as I can add and subtract lights as my grow operation changes size or the plants themselves get bigger. I only grow about three dozen or so plants though.

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Good deal! You only have to grow cat nip once! I have a greenhouse, I don't dare ask for lights...or do I? lol.

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If somehow you ended up with light/lumens too intense, you could simply move them a few inches further from the plants...inverse square law and all... But, as others have said, I haven't ever heard of too many lumens - at least from fluorescent lights.

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What type of plants did you use the system for and how did it work out? I'm trying to set up a system for garden vegetables. Some of the stuff I read said to get lights with more than 3050 lumens. The highest bulbs I found at Lowes/Home Depot were 2900 lumens. Your setup only has 2750 so I'm very curious how well it's worked out. Thanks.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Well, the recommendations were probably for other types of lamp, e.g. HID. But those are high dollar outfits that are more appropriate for supporting full indoor operations, like pot farming. For our (i.e. weaponized fruit growers) purposes, fluorescents do okay until the plant can be put out under the Big Daddy Lamp.


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The light setup worked great for me as I am planning on purchasing another one soon as I am trying my hand at a larger number of plants this year. Last year I grew hots and super-hots, no vegetables however. It does not get to hot for the seedlings/plants. I really like the fact the this setup comes with a reflective cover that spreads the light very nicely. I would highly recommend this light setup.

Here is a picture of some of my young plants that have been under this light set for two weeks now and they are loving it.


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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I have been using the exact same system (from home depot), same Philips bulbs (6500k, daylight deluxe) and the whole bit. I have two sets now and I am going to add another set. I have been TEST DRIVING this system since past November. Everything is running smooth, NO PROBLEMS. I don't know what kind of Lumins they put out , but I know that my seedlings are doing fine.

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I'd be interested to hear how you got it for $85? My Home Depot has this exact light for $82.86 + tax and the 10 pack of bulbs are $33 + tax. The online price for the light is also shows up as $82.86 + tax. (model# IB 632 MVH)

I cannot imagine there is such a variability in price at a nationwide brick&mortar store. Did you get this as an open box or something?

I'm looking for a similar setup and I'd certainly rather pay $86 rather than (86 + 33).

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Brian, I made a mistake in my previous post. Mine fit in TWO bulbs and cost about $12. The bulbs run another $8 or $9. So a two bulb unit costs about $22. So 3 of them (6 bulbs) will cost $66, So if you add another extra 4 bulbs It will run about $86.

Ten bulbs for $33 ?? that is cheap. Probably not the same quality of Philips Daylight Deluxe, 6500k.

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I got my light and 10 pack of bulbs for $85.98. There was a sale going on at my HD, buy the light and get a pack of bulbs free. I kick myself in the ass for only buying one at that time.


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That explains it. Great deal. I did buy the light for $82.86 + tax and paid $33 for the 10 pack of lights.

Seysonn, they were Phillips Daylights 6500K. Sold in packs of 2 of $10 or 10 for $33 at my HD. Why by six for $30 when you get four more for just $3.

Thanks for pointing me in this direction. I also got a timer so I feel like I'm set now.

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Seysonn / Bill_Missy,

Since you both have this setup, maybe you can advise. I'm no electrician and this came with zero instructions other than the picture on the box.

I'm going to wire to a 3 prong plug. When I pull the wires out of the fixture, there are white and blacks coming from each end of the unit. Why are there two sets? Is it that 3 bulbs are controlled from one end and the other 3 from the other end. And I just need to take the two whites to my incoming white, the two blacks to my incoming black and then green to green for grounding?

Just really confused as to why two whites and two blacks.

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Two separate ballast's. Yes mine was the same. I put wire nuts and taped all the White together, Black together and the Green ground together. But my two sets of wires did not come out of the ends, they where under a silver plate with screws. I removed those screws and the two wire pairs where there and easily accessible and to work with. Just be careful not to score the wire which may cause a short.


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Bill, you answered my question. I just wanted to make sure that all 3 whites and blacks were necessary before messing with it. Mine is the same as yours. I just meant the wires were coming from opposite ends, but both come up the opening under the metallic plate. Thanks!

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Brian, mine came already wired with extension cable, so I didn't have to do any wiring, just put the bulbs in.

The reason I bough bulb as 2 per pack, was because I bough ONE unit first, then a month or so later I bought another unit. Now I am going to buy a third unit. So then that will be equivalent to your 6-bulbed units. But I have to plug them separately. Actually I like this modular system. An the cost ( for 6-bulbed ) will be about $83.

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