Plants Voles don't like

sandienc(Z7 NC)March 8, 2007

Hey guys,

Does anyone have a list of plants that voles definitely will not eat? Or do I have to put wire cages around the roots of what I plant forever.

Thanks Sandie

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rivers1202(Z8a South Carolina)

Have you tried one of the castor oil based mole/vole repellants which are available commercially? I used to have a problem with both of those critters, but after planting society garlic and castor bean plants in my yard, the moles/voles went away. I don't even grow castor bean anymore because they are so poisonous and I have kids, but the society garlic seems potent enough to keep the little diggers and munchers outta my garden. The stuff stinks to high heaven. I think I remember reading somewhere that Daffodils are rodent/deer proof, too. My daffs don't get munched on, so there is probably some truth to it.


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sandienc(Z7 NC)

Thanks Renee. I really appreciate the help.

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I have a yard full of voles. They've munched through all the perennials I planted last year, but they haven't eaten the rosemary or nepeta. I also still have healthy ligularia (hoping that doesn't mean the voles just haven't found them yet!) Have you found any other plants they don't like?


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sandienc(Z7 NC)

Hey Lyria,
I was told that garlic and society garlic they would leave alone. BUT, not the voles I have. I planted tons of both last year and they are all gone but a couple. I'm just not going to buy anymore plants unless I put them in pots. I could probably put poison down, but I don't want to take a change of hurting the chipmonks and other little animals.
I guess they haven't really bothered the 4 o'clocks yet, but then they come up everywhere so fast, who can tell. If you hear of anything please let me know and I'll let you know. Sandie in NC

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My yard is full of tunnels also. I've tried the castor oil
based repellent in certain areas as a test....hoping it works!! Looks pretty good so far.
Last week I found two uprooted roses, checked the roots and
there were hardly any left. I didn't have time to get
stressed...just took care of the problem. I'm stocking up
on repellents this year. (whatever works) I have a lot of
roses and I just can'd deal with these buggers.

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Castor Oil sprays will help keep Moles out of an area, but I have not seen that it will do much of anything to deter Voles, a different rodent.

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I have grown hostas for over 20 years and was so proud of how large and beautiful they were until last year. I almost cried. I dug up most of my yard and now have most of my hostas in son bought me a solar powered deterent that emits a high frequency sound that the voles do not like. It does work..but it just chases them from one area of the garden to another. Young cats are good at catching voles. My cats are old and arent as quick as they use to be. I am thinking of getting some new young cats.
If you have voles ..get your hostas out of the ground and into pots or you will lose them.
Good luck to all with voles..they are a modern day plague

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I know that this is an old thread but it is also an annual problem. I am going through it again this year. First it was whole stems of my marigolds, then the native columbines.. The columbines were started several years ago from seed and I have plenty and marigolds are cheap but today it went after a $10.00 Phygelius and chewed off every stem and bloom and drug the stems over into a corner under the siding of the house. It also went after my prised Iris fulva and a young Silene regia that was about to bloom for the first time.

Over the years one thing I have noticed is that they are less likely to go after Salvias, and Agastaches or anything in the mint family. I have several salvias a a few agastaches in the same bed as the Phygelius and not one leaf on either of those species has been touched.

Also when I make cages out of hardware cloth to encircle my plants They leave those plants alone.


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