Mexican Fan Palms

nwmstropicsMay 10, 2010

Can a washy be dead without spear pull? One has no green on it but the spear will not pull out. Another has some green but it has been slowly fading to brown since March. The spear will not pull either and I have tugged with some force.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

I dont know about washy's but my pindo dident have spear pull,but I think it's dead.It hasent started pushing up any fronds yet.Lots of people lost pindos here,because of temps. we had in Jan.It stayed below freezing for 6 days.That's very rare for metro Atlanta.

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Time to operate~
cut down a little at a time and see if you find some tissue that's alive,if it is
they usually start moving in a few days once exposed to light/warmth~

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My mexican fan palm was very dead but the spear would not pull at all. Eventually after pulling with a very good amount of force (much more than I usually to to get palm spears out), It finally pulled but that wasnt until a few months after this was dead. I didnt even bother trying to save it because it grew only 2 leaves the previous summer which was less than my needle palm!
But if your washy was nice then use jims method. I dont think it has been tried on washys yet but if it works for you thats another palm that is sucessful with this method. It worked well for trachys but not so well for butias.

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Here is a couple of pics of the washys in question.

There was more green on this one but its all turning brown.

This one has no green.

Guess I will try the surgical procedure, from the way they look I have nothing to lose.

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Is the base of the trunk firm or squishy?

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I think the green one has a chance. Im not sure if the brown one does but like you said, you have nothing to lose! Tell us your results!

Good luck! They seem like they were very strong plants so I really hope they recover.

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wxman - the trunks on both of them are still firm. Not mushy at all.

Alex - I thought the green one had a chance also until I did a little trimming on it today with the sawzall. I cut about 2" off the top and it didn't have much green on the inside. I've posted a couple of pics below.

jimhardy - If they are still alive I hope I did not cut too much off?

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ive too did the same thing,but it rotted all the way to the bottom,3 years of ownership took the same proper steps every year but due to the worst winter in 8 years i lost it =-(
i know of a nursey thats selling 12 foot washy for $178,but fear of the repeat unknown and my wife tired of seeing palms being planted,well nm il just buy it

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nc - I know how you feel. One of my dead ones has been in the ground since 2007. I've babied it every winter but I guess this year was just too harsh. Out of 5 only one survived. It's posted below. I say go for the 12 footer. If I could find some big ones like that around here I would try it. I may try sabal palmetto's if I can find some with some size to them.

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