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AmyinOwasso/zone 6bJuly 13, 2014

DH built 2 4 x 8 beds. Now we have to fill them. Bought a load of "garden soil" from a local nursery that is mostly clay and doesn't drain. Does anyone have a sorce for GOOD soil?

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Amy, I would just amend the clay. I don't ever remember buying a load of soil. I bought 5 bags of compost from Ace Hardware yesterday because I am out and need some for fall planting. The compost is $1.50 a bag and comes from Miami OK, I think you can buy it by the truck load cheap there, but its too long of a drive for me. There should be many in your area that sell bulk compost.


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AmyinOwasso/zone 6b

The other beds were mixtures of different purchased compost. It gets pricey if there is nothing to mix it with. I have a kiddie pool with the clay soil in it, it might fill 1/2 of a 4 x 8 bed. The bed will be about 10" deep.

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Gem Dirt in west Tulsa has large quantities of soil, and they deliver. I filled my 2 4 x 10 raised beds with their garden mix in March. I'm happy with it so far.


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AmyinOwasso/zone 6b

Thanks so much!

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