HAVE: Princess Victoria cutting

bihai(zone 9)February 3, 2008

I have Princess Victoria (unrooted) to trade.

If interested, LMK what you might have.

I don't really need another plumeria (unless its one with variegated leaves) but will consider other types of plants.

I do not trade plants to the following states:

TX, CA, AZ, LA, HI or Puerto Rico

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If you are still interested in trading. I have Night Blooming Cereus cutting. Flowers are almost-dinner-plate-size. I am going to try to send you an email, so you can see a picture of NBC

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My plant never flowered, just buds, burned and then felll off - so sad.
I don't have any nubbies yet, but my Plumeria is still dormant in the garage. We should have warmer weather later this week so I'll pull the flower pot outside for some sun.

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I have rooted yellow/white I can trade.

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Wow Biaha. I have 2 princess Victorias with one that is blooming right now. i don't know what you did with your trade but I just wanted to say to the lucky trader..you got a deal! At the Texas sale this past weekend, there were several Princess Victoria that sold for a few hundred dollars.

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I'm a newbie on the plumeria forum ,and am looking to trade some of my brugmansia for plumeria. I have a brugstore online with 43 varieties for trade, along with a few other tropicals. If you still have any plumies for trade please check out what I have to offer and maybe we can make a trade!
Thanks for your time and have a Merry Christmas!

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