my almond trees

jessakaJuly 1, 2010

not knowing that almond trees don't grow well here i planted two, and this is their 3rd summer. half of the branches are free of leaves but not quite dead and the other half have new growth but leaves are sparce. do they need more water? the leaves are not yellow. don't see any dead ones on ground either. thanks in advance.

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Now, I will preface with the following disclaimer: I am a total newbie. There are lots of people here who are very experienced and will be able to give you much more detailed advice than me.

I'm not sure about the watering requirements of almond trees, but it might be helpful to try the "finger test" in your soil to see if the soil feels wet or dry around the tree, and/or use a moisture meter (a wonderful device I have just discovered) to measure how damp the soil is. It might also be helpful for other people responding to know whether or not you have fertilized and with what. (Maybe? Just thinking of things others might want to know before they respond)

I hope you get some good answers! Good luck!!!

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Jessaka, I don't know what may be wrong with your almond trees, but we plantd an almond tree about 12 years ago and it bore a bit maybe it was the 5th year. Then every year since the blossoms have frozen off. This year though, the tree is absolutely loaded with nuts. We once had an apricot tree that we had the same experience with. About every 5 or 6 years we would get a crop and the rest of the time freeze out. Something to think about in deciding how much TLC to give it.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Did the trees struggle last year too, or is this a new development? How wet have y'all been this year? About as wet as most years? More? Less? Any spotting or discoloration on the existing leaves than indicate fungal issues?

I know that at least one member of this forum (River) grows almonds and had a great harvest a year or two back, although she hasn't posted lately. I would think almonds would perform as well as peaches or plums, which is to say that they blooms or young fruit will be frozen back about 2 out of 3 years.


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i didn't look on page 2. my this board has been busy.

here is a photo of one of my almond trees.

last year my trees had yellow leaves that were falling and i just kept watering them until they stopped dropping leaves. i have not been watering much this year; maybe that is the problem.

mulberry, i am glad to hear that you have almond trees that are producing. i sure wish my apricot tree had done well. if i had room i would try again with another one.

no fungus on leaves. no japanese beetles, although they have almost stripped my cherry tree.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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