Tiny worms in tomato

farmgardenerJuly 6, 2012

My Sungold and other cherry tomatoes are producing abundantly, but at least half of them have tiny worms in the tomato right where the stem attaches. I've used Dipel and soapy water, but they won't go away. They are not hornworms and not cutworms, just tiny tiny worms - I don't do pics so can't post that. What are they and what will control them? They aren't as bad on the bigger tomatoes but are ruining the tiny ones. Help????

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I got to the point I was losing about 90% of my crop last year because of the small worms. I was calling them Pin worms, I am not sure if the name is right or not but it sounds like what you have. It was a small worm going in at the edge of the stem. I did not treat in any way.


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Larry - pin worms is what I call them too! It's probably not the proper name but it is the perfect description. I really have to watch because the grandchildren just eat the little tomatoes right off the vine - sometimes without checking them first - of course so do I but I try to take better care of the kids! lol

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

That is the right name. Tomato pinworms. I hate them. Having said that, I have found them on the outside of some fruit and on some foliage crawling around while picking tomatoes this year, but haven't found any in the fruit, which is odd. That happened twice in one week and I haven't seen any since so maybe something happened to them and they went away. It might be a beneficial insect got them.

They're easier to control in the earlier instars, like when they are mining in the leaves. I think it is harder to fight them successfully once they're in the fruit.

If Bt 'kurstaki' isn't working for you, you might try Neem or Spinosad.

Once they become established in your garden, it is hard work to eradicate them.

We discussed this a couple of summers ago and I wrote an in-depth response. Rather than retyping all that I will find it and link it.

I hate to hear they're on any fruit, but especially on yummy, sweet delicious SunGolds!


Here is a link that might be useful: Previous Thread on Tomato Pinworms

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Dawn, Once again you've saved my sanity (or proved I've completely lost it!) I asked the same question 2 years ago - I did do a search and couldn't find this thread you linked to?????? I thought I had asked before but know I forget more than I ever knew to begin with. I will try the BT again and all the other suggestions...this time I'll make written notes in my garden journal. Thanks for the link to my previous post.

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